Automatic 350Z SOHO Motorsports Single Turbo Kit Install

Towards the middle of June, Thomas brought his bone stock 2003 nissn 350Z in to have our single turbo kit, motordyne plenum spacer, transgo shift kit and our single exit exhaust installed.  With this being his first turbo vehicle, we knew that he was going to fall in love as soon as he pressed the throttle all the way for the first time.  We took a few photos of the install and the dyno session as well, as this vehicle made great power on only 9 psi!



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2000 Miles Traveled in May!

Every year the month of May is filled with many events that the SOHO Motorsports team participates in, and this year was no exception as we added the Virginia half mile event to start the month off with.  After some traction issues at the last half mile event in Florida, David invested a few changes including Mickey Thompson tires and boost by gear, which drastically helped with traction.






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2009 Infiniti G37x BC BR Coilover Install

Matthew contacted us a couple of weeks ago about his 2009 Infiniti G37X because he wanted to decrease the gap between the tire and the fender after installing new 20″ wheels. After a few emails back and forth of recommendations, Matthew decided to go with the BC BR type coilovers and being a dealer for their products we have seen the quality and ride comfort that comes with this products and we could not be more satisfied with his decision.  20150327_135124_wm


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2014 Nissan 370Z Stillen Supercharger Install

Mike recently purchased his 2014 nissan 370Z and after driving the vehicle for only a few miles he decided to add a Fast Intentions catback exhaust, high flow cats, injen cold air intakes, and a custom tune via Uprev by SOHO Motorsports.  After driving the vehicle with these modifications, he wanted more power and thus decided to go with the Stillen supercharger kit.

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New SOHO Motorsports Three Inch Dual Exit Exhaust System

With much success from our exhaust systems and a need for a true three inch dual exhaust system for all of the G35 / 350Z owners looking for big horsepower from their twin turbo or supercharger systems, we decided to engineer a dual exit exhaust.  Made from 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel material and a purge welding technique, we have designed a system that will be able to handle the stress from high horsepower motors with an aggressive tone and reduce overall exhaust weight by more than 50 percent from the stock exhaust system.

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