SOHO Motorsports VHR Ported Lower Intake Manifold

Over the past few months, we have been extensively testing different machining techniques on the lower VHR intake manifold to help generate more horsepower for the Nissan 370Z & Infiniti G37.  During our research we baseline tested vehicles prior to having our finalized ported lower intake manifold installed and after, in which we have found that directly installing the intake manifold will not make power until tuning is performed where maximum horsepower can be achieved.  Below are a few photos of the ported lower intake manifold positioned right next to the stock VHR lower intake manifold.
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The Decision: Nissan GT-R vs 370Z

Nearly a year ago we decided it was time to replace our shop car, a Nissan 350Z with a turbocharged DE motor.  This car was used mainly for research and development of our Single Turbo Kit for the VQ35DE motor, as we spent a fair amount of time at the track and street with over 40,000 test miles on our setup.


We knew we wanted to stick with our Nissan/Infiniti niche, and we wanted a car that could perform well at the track and on the street.

With the 370Z and G37 being virtually the same car, our need was for performance not daily drive-ability, we picked the 370Z. However, while doing our research we noticed how much used GT-Rs had dropped in price, down to 50K-60K for a higher mileage 2009-2010.  Unfortunately for us, these years are known to be plagued with possible transmission issues and getting a newer car pushed us out of our budget.

This created a choice GT-R VS 370Z and a lot of factors to consider, here are a few for a stock comparison.

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The Quest For The Highest HP 370Z On Pump Gas!

Back in October of 2015, we purchased a 2014 nissan 370Z with around 10,000 miles on the odometer, not long after we purchased the vehicle we started the modification process.  We contacted tony at fast intentions and ordered their true dual catback exhaust system and resonated test pipes along with a set of K&N drop in filters.  With the newest modifications, we needed a software that would allow us to gain the maximum horsepower out of our newest addition, so we became an ecutek dealer.


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Official EcuTek Dealer/ Tuner

With many years of tuning experience with Uprev, we recently became a dealer/ tuner of the ecutek software and we wanted to create a thread where we would show all the vehicles that we tune with supporting modifications via Ecutek.


There are a few additional features over Uprev that allow the end user to take full advantage of their vehicle’s power and handling which include the following:

– True launch control
– Traction Control
– Ability to hijack oil temp gauge to display certain parameter
– Increased throttle response
– Speed Density Tuning (forced induction vehicles)
– No Lift Shift (syncro-rev vehicles)
– Per Gear Rev Limits
– Valet Mode
– Knock Warning
– Fail Safe Engine Protection


*Please contact us if you are in the southeastern region of the United States and are looking to have your vehicle tuned with Ecutek.*

All of the results from the vehicles that we will be tuning via ecutek can be found at the following link:

600+rwhp AAM Twin Turbo Nismo

Chris brought us his 2013 nissan 370Z nismo for an AAM twin turbo kit, DW 1000cc injectors, DW 340lph fuel pump, CJM fuel return system, competition clutch twin disk set, fast intentions 2.5″ catback exhaust & oil cooler, SPL solid rear differential bushings, innovate wideband and AEM truboost gauge aiming for 600 rwhp on 93 pump gas.


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