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March 02, 2015 1 min read

Mike recently purchased his 2014 nissan 370Z and after driving the vehicle for only a few miles he decided to add a Fast Intentions catback exhaust, high flow cats, injen cold air intakes, and a custom tune via Uprev by SOHO Motorsports.  After driving the vehicle with these modifications, he wanted more power and thus decided to go with the Stillen supercharger kit. 20150127_152432_wm   Once the order was placed with Stillen, the supercharger and oil cooler kit arrived within a matter of days and we contacted mike to bring his vehicle back in to have the kits installed.  We took a few photos during the installation process. which can be seen below. 20150130_093412_wm   20150130_093406_wm   20150130_093421_wm   20150202_174123_wm   20150202_174131_wm   20150202_184419_wm   20150204_183250_wm   With the supercharger and oi cooler kits installed, it was time to see what kind of numbers this kit would put down with the supporting modifications that mike had prior to the install.  After a few hours of ecu calibration via Uprev, the 370Z was able to lay down a respectable 419 hp and 311 ft-lbs of torque in fourth gear and 431 hp and 328 ft-lbs of torque in fifth gear. 20150205_221314_wm   20150206_121452_wm   Thank you for taking the time to read this post and be sure to check out the remainder of our website and contact us for any of your 370Z/ G37 services or aftermarket products today!

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