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October 07, 2015 2 min read

The past few weeks, we had been looking to purchase a new shop vehicle and the vehicle that we had in mind was a white 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo.  After many weeks of searching, we could not locate a white 370Z nismo anywhere in the carolinas for sale until tony sent us a link for one in Chicago.  At that point, Chicago seemed a little far to travel for a vehicle, but the more and more we thought about it, the more we were willing to take the trip.  After a few conversations back and forth between George and I, we contacted tony and asked if he would be willing to take a last minute road trip to Chicago.  With everything set, we booked the tickets Thursday afternoon and we were on a plane friday night to Chicago!   21613289769_9313ebd5d4_k After an hour and a half flight to Chicago, we were on our way to the Nissan dealership in Evanston, approximately 20 miles away but with the Chicago traffic it took just as long as the plane ride to arrive.  We had been speaking to a representative from this dealership for a few days prior to arriving so all of the paperwork had been completed and there were just a few signatures left and she would be on her way back home to Charlotte! nissan 370z nismo 21800150015_0387b5e1e6_k Screenshot_2015-10-05-09-52-34 Once we had finalized everything with the dealership, we were ready to hit the road and drive thru the night to get it back just in time for the occupy modern nissan show on sunday.  With around 800 miles of driving that we were facing, we had to stop by a local pizza parlor since we were in chicago and grab a bite to eat.  Once we were done, we speed off into the night driving thru illinois, indiana, west virginia, virginia and north carolina, totaling around 13 hours including stops.  Once we started to see the sun rise, tony grabbed his camera equipment and we had a small photo shoot in the mountains of west virginia. 21788355032_23871743ce_k 21800108905_b112224f49_k We arrived in charlotte around 12:30 pm on saturday and the first few modifications were to get the windows tinted and have the front and rear windshield banners installed prior to the occupy modern event the next day.  Once those were installed, we headed home for a few hours of sleep and the following morning we were ready to participate in the occupy modern event at the Nissan dealership in Cornelius, North Carolina.  The later part of our trip back to North Carolina was filled with rain and colder weather and that was the case for the occupy modern nissan show on sunday but there was still an amazing turn out. 21611527838_3409962c9c_k21773416186_291e2cb4fc_k21772492706_1b9fa641b3_k21612324949_04e492288b_k (1)21610822998_03e9265655_k21177644793_5f6a5d4ed0_k Alot of people stopped by our vendorr booth, which made for a great show, stay tuned for all the latest updates of what we have in store for the Nismo 370Z build as w plan on taking it to the next level!   Be sure to visit our online store at https://sohomotorsports.com/shop/ for all of the latest products in the industry!

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