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April 09, 2018 2 min read

Mark contacted us in December of last year in regards to his very clean 2009 Infiniti G37 sedan looking for a little more horsepower for now and a lot more in the future. The first phase involved increasing the cooling capacity, converting over to E85, and installing our ported lower intake manifold with a retune via Ecutek. Since forced induction was in the future for this vehicle, a CJM fuel return system along with a flex fuel gauge was installed and wired into the ECU to allow for flex fuel capabilities. Having the ability to incorporate a flex fuel sensor into the stock ecu via Ecutek along with custom mapping allows for the customer to have the option to run pump gas, E85 or anything in between. With everything installed it was time for us to strap the car down on the dyno and see what numbers we could produce on the Dynojet dyno with the automatic transmission. Numbers are below. Overall, with the addition of our ported lower intake manifold, we were able to gain 12 rear wheel horsepower over baseline and an additional 20 rear wheel horsepower over baseline with the addition of E85! Fast forward to the later part of January 2018, where we received a phone call from Mark stating that he wanted to go ahead and start phase two which involved the Topgunz air to air supercharger kit. With the fuel foundation already established, all that was needed was the supercharger kit, CJM VHR fuel rails, our newly designed VHR catch can combo, and a map sensor for the ecutek tune to allow us to convert over to speed density. With the supercharger kit installed it was now time to see what power we could make from the air to air kit combined with Ignite E90. The biggest limitation would be the transmission as we know that 600 plus horsepower can be made on the stock engine. Peaking at 11.5 psi by redline, we were able to achieve 531 rear wheel horsepower and almost 400 foot pounds of torque - almost 200 more horsepower then the previous visit! Needless to say Mark is in love with the new power and is enjoying every minute of it. Be on the lookout for this sedan in Florida as it sure will surprise you! Contact us today to inquire about a build like this and enjoy the video below!

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