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July 03, 2015 2 min read

Every year the month of May is filled with many events that the SOHO Motorsports team participates in, and this year was no exception as we added the Virginia half mile event to start the month off with.  After some traction issues at the last half mile event in Florida, David invested a few changes including Mickey Thompson tires and boost by gear, which drastically helped with traction.     20150429_164433 16751242724_69a9c5fe39_z   The Virginia half mile was a great test for the traction issues of the 1000 hp Infiniti G35 that we were facing in Florida, as the new wheel/ tire setup helped tremendously.  Once again another issue occured as soon as we had resolved the traction issue, which this time was coming from a bad radiator cap that would not seal and would cause the vehicle to loss coolant.  David's time was decent but not the best due to the coolant issue and the 4000 ft of elevation, which ended up around 159 mph. 17166571067_165a531e13_z On to the next event, which involved Matt Hile's track built and soho motorsports single turbo kit equipped Nissan 350Z at Global Time Attack / Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia.  There was a lot of competition in all the classes, especially in the limited rear wheel drive class which had about 10 competitors.  After a shakedown pass early friday morning and a few sessions throughout the event, Matt's best time was a 1:39.1 with room for improvement. i-vJVQnvZ-X2   With Global Time Attack complete, we focused our attention onto Zdayz, which is held at fontana village in the mountains of north carolina.  We have been a sponsor of this event, and this would be our third year that we have been supporting this event.  Last year the weather was not the best as it decided to rain everyday that we were there, this year the weather was perfect and we even got the opportunity to meet Chris Foresburg! 20150516_084327_wm   20150516_131354_wm   We traveled over 2000 miles in the month of May and met quite a few new people and create some great memories, lets see what the rest of the year has in store for us!   Be sure to visit our online store to view all of our products and be sure to contact us for any of your aftermarket needs!

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