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2009 Infiniti G37x BC BR Coilover Install

April 08, 2015 1 min read

Matthew contacted us a couple of weeks ago about his 2009 Infiniti G37X because he wanted to decrease the gap between the tire and the fender after installing new 20" wheels. After a few emails back and forth of recommendations, Matthew decided to go with the BC BR type coilovers and being a dealer for their products we have seen the quality and ride comfort that comes with this products and we could not be more satisfied with his decision.  20150327_135124_wm   20150327_135730_wm 20150327_150217_wm   20150327_151859_wm   BC incorporated the valve to adjust the rebound on the vehicles in a much easier location, which can be found in the wheel well instead of underneath the rear strut tower braces as previous versions were!   20150327_151943_wm   Matthews vehicle was lowered 2.5" in the front and 2.0" in the rear, the alignment was performed but upper control arms are in his future to allow the alignment to be within specifications and not prematurely wear the inside of the front tires.   20150327_170022_wm   Be sure to contact us in regards to any BC Coilover or suspension components that you may be looking to purchase as we can assist with any of your needs.  

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