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IPL G37 Top Secret Suspension Upgrade

March 19, 2013 1 min read

733753_459862160752947_510417069_n1 Normally we keep our customer cars and project cars relegated to the occasional facebook posts and update's to our Project Page but one of our good friends and customer Jon Hagerty's 2012 Infiniti G37 IPL seems to be above all the rest; in terms of us drooling all over ourselves while working on it at least. As such, we figured we would share some of the details and photo's of his newest true JDM addition. 316728_459862114086285_2085047019_n1 Jon's IPL already had Stance coilovers but as with any perfectionist he wasn't happy until his G had the best of the best. Since the day he bought is car he has made an effort to put the highest quality Japanese products on the car from his Amuse titanium exhaust to his Mine's radiator to his carbon fiber Top Secret intakes and now topped off with Aragosta / Top Secret Super Damper Coilovers. Straight from Japan this G37 is the one of the very first cars in the country to have access to these, and it sets the car apart from the rest. 549840_459862414086255_864059123_n1 After an easy install and a few tweaks to dial in the suspension for daily driving and weekend abuse her at SOHO, we took a few photos of the car's new stance on its beautiful Volk G25 wheels and watched Jon drive off a much happier man. Be on the lookout for more additions to this car over time and check out the full gallery of photos on Facebook.

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