Two Greeks and An Appetite For Performance

If you ever have been to Charlotte and remotely had an interest in cars you have heard of the Sohoritis brothers. Nik and George grew up learning the ins and outs of building cars through their father's body shop. 


Fast forward to today with two ASE-certifications,  and years of NASCAR engineering and you have yourself two determined performance junkies. 

SOHO Motorsports is built off a mission to produce the best performance for Nissan and Infiniti models. Nik and George are focused on producing the best possible performance parts when it comes to fabrication and assembly. 

If you are in the Charlotte area stop by their shop to see for yourself. George will take you on a fine ride in their infiniti Q60 Coupe with a full performance package which adds over +100 HP and sounds like a beauty. Don't just take my word for it. Infiniti Charlotte has held events hosting their infiniti set up countless times to show consumers just the amount of freedom you have to customize your car and build one badass infiniti. 

Give the team a call today to find out what SOHO can offer. Simply ask what it takes to ship your vehicle out to the shop and SOHO will walk you through the process all the way through.