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January 10, 2018 2 min read

Hunter contacted us towards the middle of last year in search of more power for his 2014 Nissan 370Z NISMO. After a few emails and phone calls we settled on the Fast Intentions Stage 1 twin turbo kit. Hunter had a target horsepower goal of around 450 wheel horsepower on low boost and 550 wheel horsepower on high boost using 93 pump gas, so we knew this was going to be the kit that would help him achieve those goals. After determining the horsepower goals for this build, it was now time to select the supporting modifications would be needed to maintain those horsepower levels consistently and reliably over time. A Fuel return system, clutch and boost controller would be needed to reach Hunter's power level and we again selected the CJM fuel return system, Z Speed Stage 3 clutch kit and HD CSC along with an Innovate boost controller. We added 1000cc injectors and a 450 Walboro fuel pump to ensure more than enough fuel was available to make the power needed for Hunter's goals. We chose to go with the Z speed clutch due to the ease of driveability and capability it provides.While there are many clutches that can handle high horsepower on the market - many of them are not ideal for a daily-driven car. With the turbo kit installed it was time to focus our attention towards the interior of the vehicle with the installation of the custom single pod pillar and innovate boost controller / wideband gauge. Getting the vehicle ready for the dyno was the next step. A custom Ecutek base map was uploaded and the proper coolant bleeding techniques were followed to allow us to get the vehicle onto the dyno. After a few hours of tuning we were able to generate some very great results with two boost settings; one at 7psi and the other at 11 psi on pump gas in fourth gear! https://youtu.be/U5fH7DFXi44