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March 13, 2017 2 min read

In 2012, we decided to develop a single turbo kit for the VQ35DE platform that would improve on a few items that we had noticed were weak links on previous single turbo kits.  A majority of the single turbo kits in the market at that point had a majority of the charge piping running parallel to the engine and would ultimately heat the intake air temperature that was coming out of the intercooler.  Over time this would lead to a loss in, especially for individuals that were tracking their vehicles or driving them aggressively over a duration of time. It has now been almost 4 years since this debut and the mule 350Z that has the prototype kit is still running. We have put over 40,000 miles on this vehicle and have tested it to the extreme - from 1000 mile roadtrips to the dragstrip and even road courses along the Southeast. Being one of the few remaining turbo kits on the market, there is a reason why we are priced much higher than the other turbo kits and that is because we have continued to test this kit over the years and improve on it. Utilizing T304 stainless steel, Bell intercooler cores, Turbomsart BOV and wastegates, and Garret turbochargers have allowed this kit to continue to run flawless to this day. We recently placed it on our Dynojet to see what type of numbers it was putting down after years of use and abuse. The numbers speak for themselves! On pump gas and with over 40,000 miles of hard driving, this kit is still producing 400 rwhp at around 7 psi (wastegate). If you are in the market for a single turbo kit, then our kit remains one of the best options available as it has provided longevity and reliability on this vehicle with proper maintenance and a conservative tune.  Visit our products page for more detailed information and give us a call today at 704-839-0435 or shoot us an email to inquire about this kit at info@sohomotorsports.com.