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March 22, 2017 2 min read

James brought us his JWT TT 2004 Nissan 350Z back in December wanting to have the engine rebuilt to handle more power and his initial goal was approximately 500 rear wheel horsepower.  After speaking with James we decided to go with our stage one longblock and stage 3 camshaft package which would be more than enough to reach his goal. *The one substitution that we made from our standard stage one longblock package was an upgrade from JE pistons to a custom 9.0:1 CR CP piston* A few other items included in this build were a fuel return system from CJM, 1000cc DW injectors, a 340 lph DW fuel pump, Mishimoto radiator, Mishimoto radiator hoses, Max Street clutch from Specialty Z, and a Turbosmart boost controller to help with the additional power. During the disassembly of the engine and turbo kit, we found that one of the turbos in the kit had seized and quickly advised the customer because he was not aware. Last year we ran into the same issue with another JWT twin turbo kit and at that time we upgraded the turbos to GTX2867s. James also decided this was the right course of action for his build and so the upgraded turbos were added to the build list. With the motor assembled, it was now time to pair these beautiful turbos to it and get it ready to be installed into the car. With the motor inside the engine and the fuel return system and boost controller installed, it was not time to break the engine in on the dyno and then begin final tuning.   *Three different boost settings were set which included 9 psi, 14 psi and 18 psi* The horsepower numbers were achieved using 93 octane fuel and the pulls were made in fourth gear, which makes the output of the engine even greater in fifth gear!  Do also keep in mind that this was all done with a stock intake manifold with a plenum spacer, HFCs and a Nismo exhaust!  Contact us today for your next Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 engine build by calling us at 704-839-0435 or stopping by the shop. All of our engine packages can be found a our online store below: https://sohomotorsports.com/product-category/2002-2008-nissan-350z/vq35de-engine/