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January 02, 2018 2 min read

Ben came back to make 900 WHP check out the build here

Check out our air to air upgrade and kits.  We are seeing 600+ whp on 93 and 650+ on e85. 

Ben contacted us late last year hoping to add a little more power to his full bolt-on Nissan 370Z which was already equipped with the complete Motordyne engineering product line; the time was right for forced induction to be introduced. We have had great success modifying the Stillen supercharger kit to achieve over 500 wheel horsepower in the past, however this was not going to be enough as we were shooting for record numbers with this build on the stock motor. Ben sent in his supercharger to receive the full treatment from 928 Motorsports and purchased the Topgunz Air-to-Air intercooler kit, and we upgraded the fuel system to support Ethanol and turned to Ignite Racing for E90. Providing enough fuel with any forced induction build is critical when it comes to making power as we confirmed during this build. We contacted Charles from CJ Motorsports for a fuel return system and paired it with a set of Injector Dynamics 1300CC injectors. Along with the fuel components we installed our ported lower intake manifold, Z1 subframe collar bushings, our billet differential cover with the Whiteline differential bushings, and a custom Ecutek speed density tune.   Once the supercharger kit was installed with the 9 psi pulley and 3.2" vortech SC pulley, we strapped the car onto the Dynojet dyno to do a few baseline pulls at 12 psi and netted the following numbers: With great results on the 12 psi setup, we swapped the 3.2" vortech supercharger pulley to the 2.8" vortech supercharger pulley and raised the boost another 5-6 psi, and found out that the single fuel pump was not going to be enough to provide the fuel needed. We contacted Charles at CJ Motorsports again to purchase the new VHR twin pump assembly with the 450/ 340 lph combo along with the VHR billet fuel rails to ensure we had enough fuel for this build. With the new fuel components added and more than enough fuel to supply to the motor, we put the vehicle back on the dyno to make a few more passes and broke the current VHR stock block record for a supercharger (with a very small  S/C belt slip during the pull). The issue that we were running into at this boost level and high RPM was that we were overspinning the supercharger and causing fluid to come out of the breather at 18 psi. This forced us to increase the size of the supercharger pulley to the 3.0" and minimize the overspinning of the supercharger. With the new  pulley installed, back it went onto the dyno and the following results followed shortly after: We barely missed the 700 horsepower mark at the wheels with this pull but we had resolved the issue of overspinning the supercharger. Enjoy a short video that we put together of this build and contact us today to discuss your next build for your Nissan / Infiniti! https://youtu.be/GKqg7BS-n4A