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December 30, 2016 2 min read

May 2018 Update: Check our new VQ37VHR SOHO Single Turbo Kit Nathan brought in his 2014 Nissan 370Z for a water methanol kit install along with race gas after battling the common fuel issues associated with E85. After speaking with Nathan we both agreed that we wanted to remain at the same power level and boost as to where he was previously at on E85. According to our research, we had not found any other documented single turbo Nissan 370Z that is currently on water methanol so this was going to be a first.  Below you will see the water methonal kit that we used which utilizes the Aquamist system as the foundation. We utilize the 1.2 nozzles with this kit and so the nozzle bungs were welded into the intake piping prior to the throttle body and 90 degree adaptors are used to aid with the tight clearances.  You can see below that we mount the pump and the 2.5 gallon reservoir in the trunk of the vehicle and offer a custom mat to cover everything as to allow the vehicle to still remain stock looking.  (The customer had installed dynomat into the trunk, this the silver lining). With everything installed in the rear of the vehicle and all of the lines run to the engine bay, we proceeded with wiring the main control unit in the glove compartment and fabricating a customer gauge pod in the center cubby. With everything tested and fitted it was time to hit the dynojet  and see what type of horsepower we were going to put down, first with 93 pump and then with renegade race fuel via ecutek tuning. The numbers were very good for pump 93 and water methanol on the stock motor, introducing the race gas really showed how well this system works as seen below. Pushing close to 640 rwhp and 550 ft-lbs of torque on the stock motor in fourth gear, proving that with a proper setup and tune, you can make some serious horsepower on the stock bottom end!  Please contact us today for inquiries about our water methanol kit, which is the same kit that we run on the quarter mile world record nismo 370Z, and any services for your nissan 370z or infiniti G37.