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November 11, 2018 3 min read

Z Nationals… one of the biggest events in the Nissan/ Infiniti community next to Zdayz on the east coast.  A time where enthusiasts will show off their finished projects or new vehicles that they plan on starting a project with.  This event was a perfect event for us to showcase our newly finished stage two single turbo kit and stage one single turbo kit for the Infiniti G37.  The total distance that we would travel to and from Z-nationals including the separate events was well over 900 miles and we were ready to drive both vehicles to this event.   This year the event had teamed up with Zcon and started at the beginning of the week and lasted all week.  We decided to leave on Wednesday to head down to the event as we were a vendor this year and wanted to take full advantage of the exposure, we would get at all the events.  The trip down to Atlanta started off great until we got just outside of Charlotte and started to notice that the stage two car was having issues popping out of gear going down the interstate.  We decided to pull over and inspect the car and to our surprise the transmission or the clutch had failed, and we had to get the vehicle towed back to the shop.  We decided once we got back to the shop that we would remove the transmission and inspect what may had happened and get the car back on the road as soon as possible.  To our surprise we found the clutch was ok and the transmission had ended up failing, luckily, we had a spare transmission at the shop and we were able to replace the transmission and get the car back on the road! Back on the road we were and within five hours we had arrived to our air bnb house that we were renting for the weekend.  The first event that we would showcase the kit would be the autocross event at AMP on Thursday, where vendors such as Bridgestone and Fairlady customz would be setup as well.  While at AMP we were able to see a few racecars along with a few cars get on track such as this Viper pictured below. The next event that we attended was the track day at one of our favorite road courses on the east coast, Road Atlanta.  The amount of people that were in attendance for this event was great and it allowed for a lot of exposure to the single turbo kits as we had removed the front bumpers of both cars to showcase the craftsmanship and quality of the kit.  With rain in the forecast for the car show on Saturday, we were not to happy as it would make it more difficult to discuss the kits with potential customers. Saturday morning had arrived, and the forecast had changed to light drizzle, prior to the car show starting we had decided in Charlotte that we would visit the dwarf house Chick-fil-a and take full advantage of the only breakfast buffet Chick-fil-a in America! With the breakfast buffet marked off our to-do list it was not time to go back to the car show and showcase the turbo kits to the attendees and answer any questions that they would have about the kit.  This day was by far the best day regarding the amount of people that were looking and asking questions about the kit and up until this point both vehicles had performed flawlessly!  The awards for the car show started around 3pm and within an hour or so the events for the weekend had ended and it was time for us to head back home. With both drivers being comfortable in the turbo cars after driving them for almost four days, it was time to perform a few runs in “Mexico” which can be seen below.   View this post on Instagram   Stage 2 SOHO kit on wastegate... . Rollong back from @znationals as @scott_faction does a small pull from 50 mph . Follow @sohomotorsports . Contact us to inquire about our products and services . 💻 info@sohomotorsports.com ☎️ 704-839-0435 . Video credit: @jay_rodz33 . #vhr #singleturbo #nissan #370z #boost #ecutek #nissan #370z #flamethrower A post shared by SOHO Motorsports (@sohomotorsports) on Oct 22, 2018 at 9:12am PDT   View this post on Instagram   Somewhere in 🇲🇽. Little SOHO on SOHO crime. Q vs Stage 1 single turbo . Follow @sohomotorsports . #vr30ddtt #vhr #singleturbokit #boost #horsepower #torque #twinturbo #turbobygarrett #sohomotorsports A post shared by SOHO Motorsports (@sohomotorsports) on Oct 20, 2018 at 2:38pm PDT After a five hour drive back home to Charlotte, both cars were pushing well over 500 wheel on the stock motor and put over 900 miles on the setup with no issues!

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