COOLERWORX Short Shifter Nissan and Infiniti

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Install instructions for 370Z

Coolerworx also offers a special Carbon Edition of this shifter, which can be found here:

The shifter fits with the enclosed Direct Fit Kit on all 350Z models without additional work on the tunnel. We have found with minimal work, this can be made to fit Nissan 370z and Infiniti G35 and G37. *UPDATE* Coolerworx has now released an update pad for 370Z shifter and it is now a direct fit.  

The gear knobs are knurled for a non-slip contact at all times. Shifter accepts a M12x1.5 and 370z standard shift knob is a M10x1.25. You would either need to somehow build an adapter or find a knob that is M12x1.5.

COOLERWORX shifters follow the standard H-pattern and use the OEM gear linkages however with a large reduction in throw. The shifters are designed with aesthetics and ergonomics in mind; not only available in a wide range of striking colors but also crafted to the optimum height, positioning it closer to your steering wheel. This minimizes the distance that your hand needs to travel when shifting.