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Single Exit Exhaust with Y Pipe Combo (Full Cat-Back Exhaust)

All SOHO products, specifically fabricated components, are built to order and currently have an estimated 6 to 8 week lead time.  SOHO is taking every step and precaution to make sure any worldwide crisis does not affect our ability to deliver the products as ordered.  However, there is a real possibility that material and component delays can push the lead time out further.  Cancellation for any reason is subject to a 50% restocking fee with approval to be decided at the sole discretion of SOHO management.  Please email fab@sohomotorsports with any questions about order updates.

350Z / G35 SOHO Motorsports Exhaust System for Nissan 350Z’s and Infiniti G35’s! Designed with performance and perfection in mind using high quality T304 stainless steel and our purge welding process we have created one of the best sounding, highest performance yielding, lightweight and durable exhaust systems on the market.

Even in our debut release weekend at the 10th Annual 2013 ZDayz event we won the Best Sounding Exhaust contest on our naturally aspirated 350Z. The SOHO Motorsports 350Z and G35 Exhaust System is comprised of 3 sections all uniquely designed to allow the exhaust gases leaving the manifold to smoothly and gradually meet and join to form a very laminar flow. With exhaust gases leaving the headers it flows directly into our straight test pipes and into our uniquely designed y-pipe.


Our y-pipe collector is what sets the SOHO Motorsports exhaust apart from the rest. With our unique cone-taper style collector the exhaust gases from each bank merge smoothly together and exit our single exit exhaust in the most efficient manner possible. See more information including sound clips: HERE 370Z / G37 With the success of our exhaust systems for the VQ35DE and VQ35HR, we set out to design a solution for VQ37VHR. The SOHO Motorsports single exit catback exhaust system is constructed from 3″ diameter T304 18 gauge stainless steel piping providing a 55 percent decrease in weight over the stock exhaust. This creates a more exotic and aggressive sounding exhaust note, without the rasp and deafening tone some other single exit exhausts create.

See more information including sound clips: HERE Y-PIPE The unique collector in our y-pipe helps minimize any turbulence that may occur as the two exhaust flows merge together into one. Many y-pipes on the market today just force the two flows together creating excessive turbulence and therefore decreased power. This clumsy transition is also one of the main causes for the dreaded rasp on VQ’s.


On the SOHO Motorsports exhaust system the gases come together into one stream as the piping diameter gradually increases with the use of our unique cone that increases from 2.5 inches in diameter to 3 inches in diameter over an 8 inch span. With this design the inlet side of the y pipe is 2.5 inches in diameter and the exit is 3 inches in diameter. Allowing the pipe to remain at 2.5 inches in diameter until the merger and then gradually increasing the overall diameter of the pipe to 3 inches creates a vacuum effect making exhaust gases reach a state of higher pressure at the beginning of the collector and in turn a lower pressure at the larger end.

As with anything in dynamics, the path of least resistance is the path best chosen and with the overall diameter of the collector gradually increasing with the use of our unique cone the exhaust gases will tend to bring the higher state gases into the lower state therefore gradually merging in the smoothest transition possible as it exits the y-pie into our amazing sounding single exit cat back exhaust.

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