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UpRev NA E-Tune - Nissan 350Z / 370Z, Infiniti G35 / G37 with VQ35DE, VQ35HR, or VQ37VHR Motors

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Parameters that are supported in the ROM Editor include: • Up to 5 Maps on cruise control equipped vehicles (some maps may cost extra do the complexity and time needed to dial them in) • Idle RPM • Speed Limiter • Electronic Throttle Control to achieve Wide Open Throttle at all speeds. • Rev Limiter • AFR Targets • Fuel Compensation • Ignition Timing Advance • Cam Phasing for equipped vehicles. • MAF transfer function • Cranking Enrichment and Ignition Advance • Injector Latency • K Fuel Multiplier • Intake Temp • Calculated Load vs. RPM • Minimum Effective Injector Pulse Width NOTICE: This product will not help you pass emissions if your vehicle is modified or has existing emissions associated problems.