With the success that we have had with our single turbo kit for the VQ35DE, it was only a matter of time before we developed a single turbo kit for the VHR.  We are proud to announce our newest single turbo kit for the VHR, which is the first reverse rotation top mount kit for this platform.  The reverse rotation has allowed us to route the cold side and hot side piping in a manner that is favorable to the limited space in the VHR engine bay.

Utilizing components from some of the best companies in the industry such as Garret, Turbosmart, Injector Dynamics, Aeromotive, K&N, and Vibrant we have been able to create a stage one kit that is perfect for the enthusiast.  The entirety of the SOHO Motorsports single turbo kit piping is made from T304 stainless steel, unlike other kits in the market that use stainless steel and aluminum.  Stainless is used, rather then the industry standard of aluminum for the cold side piping because stainless is almost a tenth of the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum, which means that it does not absorb heat as quickly as aluminum.  Along with the reduced coefficient of heat transfer, stainless steel is a more durable material then aluminum and does not have a very significant difference in weight savings.

The hot side piping mimics our design of the VQ35DE kit as one side of the exhaust manifold will meet with the other side via a custom merge collector that will direct both exhaust manifold paths into the bottom of the turbine housing.  The Garret GTX3576R turbo has been chosen for the stage one package along with a 1.01 A/R exhaust side housing allowing for great spool time and continuous top end power.

As the exhaust gases exit the engine and travel thru the 2.50″ diameter stainless steel piping, they will meet the turbosmart wastegate, which will help control the amount of boost that is made via a set wastegate spring of 7 psi.  We have incorporated a recirculation wastegate tube into the exhaust to alleviate noise when the wastegate will open as many people are not a fan of the open wastegate sound.

When it came time to determine a way to incorporate a three inch downpipe, our fabrication department found that reversing the bolt on the passenger side subframe would allow for a 3″ downpipe to fit.  With the length that the downpipe would need to be, it would have to be a two piece component, and we found that incorporating a slip joint would allow for the downpipe to become two pieces and allow for an easier installation.

Now it was time to create the cold side of the turbo kit, which would require some ingenuity as the space that we have was very limited and we did not want to have excess piping in the engine bay.  The compressor outlet travels alongside the passenger frame horn and wraps around the radiator support into the top of the intercooler, where a gradual increase in overall diameter is noticed at the intercooler.  A 2.5″ to 3.0″ coupler is used to allow as much air as possible into the intercooler as the air will then travel downwards and out in their own separate paths towards the dual throttle bodies.  The stock power steering reservoir has been relocated to the drivers side engine bay since the turbo is now in its original location.


Over the past few months, we have been testing a concept that has provided an increase in power with this platform, which can be seen in the picture above.  You will see that we have increased the overall diameter of the intake piping going to the throttle body from 2.50″ to 2.75″ to allow for the velocity of air to increase going into the throttle body via a pressure differential.

The stage one kit is for the enthusiast that would like to utilize the stock non return fuel system and not shoot for big power, as the stage two that will follow this stage will be for the enthusiast that is looking for bigger power on the stock engine along with a few more modifications.  At 8 psi, we were able to achieve

Stage One Kit: Starting at $7899.99

Garret GTX3576R Reverse Rotation Turbo w/ 1.01 A/R Housing
Turbosmart Hypergate Wastegate
Turbosmart Raceport BOVs
SOHO Motorsports Intercooler w/ Brackets
T304 Stainless steel hot side and cold side piping
Oil and coolant lines (AN)
Injector Dynamics 1050cc Injectors
Aeromotive 340 LPH fuel pump
AAM Oil Pan Spacer
K&N Filter

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*Stage two kit development has begun and we will have results in the coming weeks*