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January 28, 2018 3 min read

The wannagofast that is held in Ocala every January has always been a great event for us and our customers, this year was no different, as we headed down south with David's big power G35 and the the shop Nissan 350Z.  With David's G35 making close to 1000 whp and the Nissan 350Z making well over 700 whp, our goals were set for large mph as well as positive results from a few products that are in development.  Since the event is held on Saturday and it is an eight hour trip one way, we decided to head down on Friday to allow us enough time to rest from the road trip and prepare for the day ahead. With almost half a foot of snow on the ground back at the shop, we expected the Florida weather to be significantly warmer, that was not the case as saturday morning temperatures were in the upper 30s.  The event was scheduled to start at 9 am, meaning that we needed to be at the track no later than 7 am to unload the cars and get them thru tech inspection.  For the first couple of runs, the plan was to go out on low boost for both vehicles and get a feel for the track as it is notorious for not having the best of grip. With david being the first to make a pass out of the two cars, he sets of a 171.54 mph on low boost, coming within 1 mph from his previous record last year!  Things were looking very promising at that point as breaking his previous record was within grasp and it was time for the 350Z to go out.  The first pass for the 350Z was a shake down pass as this would be the first time out for this car on this new setup and a 133 mph was set letting off half way down the track. With 150 vehicles ranging from slingshots to supercars and even motorcycles participating in the event per day, there was a large wait time in between runs allowing for us to evaluate the passes and data and prepare for the next run. The typical wait time between runs averaged around 60 minutes and the next few runs for both cars were going to include turning up the boost, causing both cars to run into traction issues.  With the 350Z laying down two solid back to back runs of 155 mph and David still hovering around the 170 mph range, the track was now starting to lose traction and could be seen with nearly a handful of cars almost wrecking half way down the track. Seeing that  the track was not getting any better in regards to traction around lunchtime, we decided to take a break from both cars running and wait until the afternoon to see if the traction on the track would get any better.  With clouds starting to form in the sky and a light breeze picking up, we noticed that the temperature was starting to fall and the track was starting to regain some traction towards the middle of the afternoon and now would be time to line both cars back up. Two hours were left in the day, and based on the previous wait time between runs, we knew that we would be able to only have two more passes and we had to make them count and they did.  The 350Z was able to put down the best mph of the day with a 158.95 mph with the first outing out since the large break and David was able to reset his current record with a 172.74 mph on his final pass of the day! Both cars and the components that were being tested performed great throughout the day despite the traction issues that we were facing and bringing home another record for the nissan/ infiniti community added to the success of the weekend!     https://youtu.be/BF7S4I6ZbZU

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