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May 26, 2017 2 min read

Every May hundreds of Nissan and Infiniti enthusiasts gather in the mountains of North Carolina for ZdayZ, making it the largest event for this platform in the nation. Vendors such as Nissan, Dynosty, Fast Intentions, MA Motorsports, and Z1 Motorsports bring their newest products / projects to showcase to their current and potential new customers. This year Infiniti came out for the first time and brought a Q50S sedan and Q60S coupe and also provided lunch on Saturday for everybody! The weather cooperated this year as there was only a couple of times where a quick rain storm came through and then the sun was back out again. ZdayZ is always the perfect time to catch up with close friends, customers, and vendors that live across the country.  Here are a few photos from the event! With the WannaGoFast event being held in our backyard this year, we had to leave early on Saturday from ZdayZ to be able to prep the NISMO. We arrived at the shop late Saturday night and swapped the drag slicks for the ET street radial and did our final check over the new setup as this was going to be our first shakedown run. We completed a total of five full passes with our first pass off of the trailer matching our fastest mph with less power, so the new setup was definitely working! On our second to last outing we were able to beat our previous mph record by 1 mph, which may not seem like much but overall very happy with the limited time we had to dial in the new setup. Our next time out with the car will be on the drag strip as we aim for low 10's with the new setup and still utilizing the stock block. Video footage from the event!      

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