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June 07, 2017 2 min read

The question of "how important is maintenance for my vehicle and when should i have certain services performed?" has come up a number of times in the past few months. Most of the dealerships that you purchase your vehicle from will inform you that the fluids are lifetime and that they should never have to be changed, which is in fact a false statement. Imagine not changing the oil in your vehicle? What effect would that have on the engine and the way it performs? How reliable would your car be? From a technician's standpoint, lack of proper service is one of the main factors that can lead to components failing. Here are a few fun facts about the fluids in your vehicle: Over time oil will begin to break down and turn into sulfuric acid, become contaminated (discolor) and lose its lubrication capability. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that overtime it will absorb moisture in the fluid and cause ABS modules and other components to fail prematurely. *notice the discoloration in the example below of the brake fluid in the clutch reservoir* The power steering fluid system can see up to 2000 psi - the most pressure per square inch than any other system in the vehicle  - and as the fluid travels through the power steering system it will collect small dirt fragments from inside the hoses and over time it will contaminate the fluid leading to failed power steering pumps, etc. Coolant will lose its resistance to freezing/ boiling overtime Depending on the motor oil that you use on your vehicle, we usually with recommend 3,000 miles for non-synthetic oils and 5,000 miles for synthetic based oils.  For the remainder of the fluids such as the brake, power steering, differential, and coolant we recommend that they are replaced every 30,000 miles. Here are a few examples of services that we have performed recently: -Automatic Transmission Fluid Service *This vehicle has 25,000 miles on it, notice the difference in the color of the fluid* -Brake Fluid Service *This vehicle had 38,000 miles, the fluid color should be bronze in color* -Rear Differential Fluid Service *This vehicle only had 9,000 miles on the fluid, the fluid color should be bronze in color* The main focus of this blog post is to inform customers that engine oil is not the only fluid that needs to be serviced routinely because not servicing the remainder of the fluids can lead to components failing prematurely in the long run.  If you have a vehicle and are unsure of when any of these services have been performed, please contact one of our representatives to discuss what services that your vehicle may need.  

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