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May 16, 2019 2 min read

Every year as people are passing through North Carolina for events, we get request for tours, to stop in and talk or to check a build/product.

This year with our new products development wrapped up, we decided to open the shop on Wednesday to let people stop by in the area or just traveling through.

We really did not know what to expect with lots of people having already made the trip up to Fontana and having to work.

However we ended up with a great turnout and a chance to talk 1 on 1 with those who stopped by.

We'll start with what didn't make it inside.  The fabrication shop was finishing up this gorgeous Q50, in for adding quad tips to an existing exhaust.

Tim's G37 show off our new G37 69 MM intakes, you can read more about them here.

Inside the shop, started the intercooler tour with a lot of boost going on.

Matthew Rowe's Q70, featuring the first Air to Air Upgraded Stillen Supercharger kit.  This car was in previously for intakes, bags and exhaust.

Adam's SOHO Stage 2 Turbo kit, was back that the shop, to add some carbon parts.  We installed some Seibon side skirts, continuing the theme.

Adam's car also features the Coolerworx 370Z shifter, which one of our customers favorite mods.  We hear time and time again how much people love this shifter.

Mikey P's HR Track car was in for a custom pedal box setup, and some odds and ends. 

This car has went on an extreme diet since the last time we featured it.

Next up was Andrew's SOHO Stage 1 Turbo, featuring our intercooler that works with the adaptive cruise control.

Chris's super clean R32, we've seen a lot of these at the shop the last few years and this one really stands out from the pack.  Converted over to to a top mount single precision turbo, add in for injectors, fuel pump and haltech retune.  

Aaron's Built Motor Single Turbo in for some added goodies to make even more power.  

Status seats, where one of the more popular accessories people where asking about. 

George's Evo X made an appearance out of the corner, this features SOHO Motorsports built motor and tune.  Encourage George to drive it more if you talk to him.

Carl's AAM Twin Turbo, is back for more power.  Featuring our SOHO Motorsports Intake Manifold, catch can, built motor and a bunch of other goodies.  You can check out the write up on it here!

The shop Q60 RS, featuring our SOHO Catback Exhaust, lower downpipes, AMS intakes and heat exchanger.

And finally our SOHO Motorsports Stage 3 Single Turbo kit, mocked up on an old motor and transmission.  We are waiting to get everything back from the machine shop to get the new motor ready and we'll see what this kit can do!

Big thanks to everyone who came out and made this a really successful event.