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SOHO Turbo Kit + Intake Spacer

March 09, 2013 1 min read

   In our never ending R&D effort here at SOHO Motorsports we have made some small modifications to our SOHO Turbo 'Mule' 350Z to demonstrate the awesome potency of our kit on a stock VQ at low boost, like the average daily driven customer would run. Check out the video above and dyno graph below of the SOHO Motorsporsports Single Turbo Kit on a stock 2005 Nissan 350Z non RevUp engine with the addition of a Motordyne Engineering 5/16" Plenum Spacer dyno run on a DynoJet Dynamometer at 4.7psi of boost making nearly 400 hp/tq at half the boost than nearly all comparable kit's on the market, at that respective daily driven safe power level. Making the SOHO Turbo Kit one of the most efficient turbo kits on the market for VQ's! For the full writeup and review check out the thread here My350Z Forum. turbo1 Figure2    All information about the SOHO Motorsport Single Turbo Kit for VQ35 Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 platformscan be found at the link above on the nav bar that says "Turbo Kits" but before you click that check out our beautiful new catalog photo of the kit (below) and the many videos of it in action! Also be on the lookout for our SOHO Turbo Kit press release in the next issue of DSport Magazine.  397075_415530588519438_554741811_n