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SOHO Motorsports VQ37VHR Stage 2 HB Crate Engine

All SOHO crate engines are out of stock due to supply chain issues.

With over 10 years of engine building experience for the VQ platform and record setting accomplishments on and off the track, we are proud to announce our stage 2 HB VQ37VHR crate engine.

This is the same engine package that is in the current world record Nissan 370z (NismoBae) that has all of the essential components capable of netting over 1000 plus wheel horsepower with any forced induction kit.

Using the top fuel service, we have been able to resolve the head lifting issue that has plagued the VQ community for many years, and you can view more information about this service in the video below:

With every engine that is built at SOHO Motorsports, we document and test using our engine run stand prior to installing or shipping out to our clients.

The VHR Stage 2 HB Engine Longblock will consist of the following: 
- SOHO Spec Wiseco pistons 96mm
- Carillo connecting rods
- CSS Closed Deck Service
- King main bearings
- King rod bearings
- King thrust washers
- ARP main studs
- Deburr cylinder block
- CNC deck
- Sand blast/hot tank/jet wash cylinder block
- Line hone mains
- Crankshaft checked and polished
- Torque plate diamond stone hone cylinders
- CNC bore cylinders
- Piston rings filed/gapped
- Rotating assembly balanced
- Top Fuel Hoop Service
- Cylinder heads disassembled and jet washed
- CNC Surface cylinder heads
- OEM valves cleaned and vacuum checked 
- Cylinder heads assembled with valve lash set to OEM specifications
- SOHO Spec head gaskets
- ARP Custom Age 625+ head studs
- New OEM gasket kit
- New OEM timing sprockets
- New OEM timing chains, tensioners, and guides
- New OEM water pump
- New OEM thermostat
- EPS oil gallery gaskets
- Boundary oil pump gears
- New valve covers
- Timing covers powder coated (Black)
- ATI crank damper
- New cylinder head dowel pins
- New crankshaft pulley woodruff key
- Professionally assembled and blueprinted
- Engine run on stand before shipping with video 
- Cylinder compression numbers provided

An engine core is required or an engine core fee will be applied

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