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Toyota GR Supra A90 / MK5


In August of 2019 we decided to trade in our leased 2018 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport on the new A90 Toyota Supra.  Yes, yes we know it's a BMW we've heard all the jokes.  With pushing the limits of what should be done a leased car, we thought it made sense to move on from the Infiniti platform and move into a new platform.  After some careful consideration (reason we didn't buy a launch edition), we settled on an Absolute Zero White Supra.  We look forward in using the knowledge gained from tuning and developing parts for the Q60 on this new platform.


Future Plan:

Current Mods:


a90 supra tinted

Detailing by Parks Detailing 

Soho Motorsports's 2020 Toyota USA MK5 Supra received our new car protection with only 56 miles on the odometer. Every inch of the paintwork was polished to remove superficial scratches, resulting in a dramatic enhancement in both gloss and clarity. The wheels were powder coated satin black, and the calipers were painted in BMW Estroil Blue II, with jet black “Supra” lettering. Both the wheels and calipers received a ceramic coating service to provide long term protection and ease of cleaning. The hood, front bumper, fenders, and rocker panels were wrapped with STEK DYNOshield paint protection film as part of our “Drivers Package” paint protection film service package. This film displays incredible optical clarity while providing impact resistance against rock chips, pitting, and scratches. The headlights were wrapped in STEK DYNOshade, a designer LPF (light protection film), for rock chip protection with an aesthetic shaded appearance. The remaining paintwork without PPF received our signature coating service, which will provide hydrophobic self cleaning properties for months and years to come. Lastly, we coated the exterior glass for superior visibility in climate weather conditions and long term ease of cleaning.


Ecutek released their software, and we have started to dyno the shop to start learning more about the platform. As of 6/27/20 this is where we are at on 93 with 100% stock car. 

Completely stock we were able to pick up over 70 rwhp and 70 ft lbs on a very humid day!


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