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SOHO Motorsports VQ Engine Packages

SOHO Motorsports offers many different variations of in house built VQ engines ranging from the VQ35DE all the way up to the VHR.  From short blocks to fully built crate VQ’ engine assemblies, we are one of the country’s most prominent builders for the Nissan & Infiniti VQ platform.


From daily driven naturally aspirated builds to full out forced induction and stroked high horsepower builds, we can blueprint the VQ engine for any purpose that our clients may need. Using the highest quality parts and a highly trained staff, our VQ engines are some of the strongest, highest horsepower producing and longest lasting built VQ blocks on the planet.

 Current Records That SOHO Motorsports Built Engines Hold:

- Fastest VHR Standing Half Mile (176.19 mph)
- Fastest Infiniti G35 Standing Half Mile (181.67 mph)
-  VHR 1/4 World Record (9.43 @ 153 mph) 
- Highest Horsepower VHR (1118 whp)

 Each one of our engine builds are built based on the specific application and result of the client and vehicle. Over the years, we have found a combination of internal components that have worked and some that have failed and have even teamed up with Wiseco to have pistons designed for this platform.

As we continued to push the platform over the years, a simple 500 whp turned into what is now over 1000 whp and it was no easy task getting to this point.  We faced several failures during this time of research and development of which the most common one to plague the VQ community was the lifting of the heads.  We found that anything over 23 psi was where the heads on the VQ would start to lift, with this in mind we teamed up with a very well-known machine shop to have this issue alleviated and had them implement their top fuel hoop method which can be seen more in the video below.

 With the knowledge that we have gained developing these engines for this platform, we have created a couple of engine packages that we recommend to clients based on their horsepower goals.

These engine packages can be viewed in the links below based on the engine code: