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VQ35HR Single Turbo Kit

The VQ35HR single turbo is actually our latest designed turbo kit.  As most of you know the VQ35HR was only produced for 2-3 years and that greatly limits the amount of the cars produced.  Nearly 10 years after creating our VQ35DE turbo kit, we felt the demand for a high quality single mount turbo kit was there.  

Our goal was simple to create a high quality kit from materials and parts that you all have came to know and expect from our turbo kits. We wanted to offer a kit that could grow with you, or go straight to pushing the limits of the stock block. That can look fairly OEM and be installed in your garage or not make your friend/shop doing the install hate you. 

We have tested this kit on our own shop car, loving know as "HRBAE", on the both the street and dyno, as well as 1/4 mile passes on a 209,000 mile stock motor. 

As of right now we are only offering one kit and currently do not have fitment check or made adjustments for G35 Sedan/Coupe or Automatic transmission.  If your intested and are willing to leave your car at our shop to have the kit build around it contact us and we can see if that's a good fit.  If that's not an option or you have an AWD G35, we also suggest our Air to Air Supercharger kits. 

The single turbo kit will come with the following:

  • Garret GTX3582R w/ Tial 1.03 Housing
  • (2) Turbosmart Hypergate 40mm Wastegates
  • (1) Turbosmart Raceport Blow off valve
  • Stainless Steel Hot Side & Aluminum Cold Side Piping
  • Injector Dynamics 1050X Injectors
  • Aeromotive 340 LPH Fuel Pump
  • Oil Pan Spacer Kit
  • K&N Filter
  • AN Coolant & Oil Lines
  • Power Steering Relocation Kit
  • Stainless T-Bolt Clamps
  • Necessary V-Band Clamps
  • SOHO Motorsports Front Crashbar
  • Instruction Manual


Net Horsepower Ratings (at the rear wheels)

Boost: 7-8 psi


Horsepower: 456 rwhp

Torque: 413 ft-lbs 


Boost: 12-13 psi

(achieved using the turbosmart boost controller)

Horsepower: 552 rwhp

Torque: 506 ft-lbs


*These numbers were achieved using pump 93 octane fuel on a manual 2008 Nissan 350Z*

 *OEM motors mounts will not work with this kit, you will need to purchase SOHO motor mounts*

*Front OEM crashbar can not be used when this kit has been installed onto the vehicle*


Purchase your single turbo kit here:

SOHO Motorsports HR Top Mount Single Turbo Kit