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SOHO Motorsports Air to Air Upgrade for the Stillen VQ37VHR Supercharger Kit for 370Z and G37

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Due to the increased volume of orders and lack of product availability we are going to be placing a pause on all new forced-induction kits/upgrades for the next month.

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The SOHO A2A Conversion Kit Will Come With The Following:

- SOHO Motorsports Intercooler and Crash Bar

- 3" Aluminum Charge Pipe

- 2.75" Y-Pipe to Throttle Body

Tial BOV

- Turbogaurd Or K&N Filter

- T-Bolt Clamps

- Silicone Couplers

- Manifold Block off Plate

*larger injectors and a fuel pump are required when purchasing this kit*


*Below are a few examples of the A2A conversion kit on a G37 and a 370z*


Automatic G37 with Stillen Supercharger vs SOHO Air to Air Upgrade (Torque limited due to stock automatic transmission)


-STILLEN supercharger kit w/ V3 -SOHO air to air kit

-SOHO Cat-back Exhaust

-Stock Catalytic Converters

-1050cc Injector Dynamics

-340 Aeromotive Fuel Pump

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Nissan 370Z w/ A2A Conversion Kit


-STILLEN supercharger kit w/ V3

-SOHO air to air kit

-9 psi pulley upgrade

-AAM longtube headers

-ARK catback exhaust

-CJ Motorsports fuel return system

-Custom EcuTek Technologies Ltd tune

Final numbers: 🐎 580 rwhp 📈 427 ft-lbs

Click Photo to enlarge! 

Boost: 12 psi

Fuel: 93 octane

Temperature: 75 degrees