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SOHO Motorsports HR/VHR Catch Can Combo

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We are proud to announce the release of our VHR/ HR catch can combo that will incorporate a coolant reservoir and catch can assembly.

Fabricated from aluminum and pressure tested to ensure to leaking between each chamber this catch can is a must for anybody that is forced induction or has a built motor.

Three stages will be available for purchase and are the following:

-Stage 0: VHR / HR Catch Can Assembly w/ petcock drain

-Stage 1: VHR / HR Catch Can Assembly w/ petcock drain & PCV Line Kit

-Stage 2: VHR / HR Catch Can Assembly w/ petcock drain, PCV Line Kit & Oil Drain Kit

How much is it to have the catch can black powder coated?

The wrinkle black powder coating option is included on all catch cans. There will be an additional charge if you would like another color or a different black.

How can I tell if have pressurized or non-pressurized system?