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SOHO Motorsports Infiniti Q60 Exhaust

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All SOHO products, specifically fabricated components, are built to order and currently have an estimated 6 to 8 week lead time.  SOHO is taking every step and precaution to make sure any worldwide crisis does not affect our ability to deliver the products as ordered.  However, there is a real possibility that material and component delays can push the lead time out further.  Cancellation for any reason is subject to a 50% restocking fee with approval to be decided at the sole discretion of SOHO management.  Please email fab@sohomotorsports with any questions about order updates.

SOHO Motorsports is proud to announce our new Infiniti Q60 Coupe Catback Exhaust System! 

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With the release of the new VR30DDT engine platform which is equipped with a twin turbo setup, we noticed that the size of the exhaust piping from the factory was not adequate enough to be able to provide power efficiently – even at factory boost levels.

Increasing the overall diameter of the piping by half an inch and incorporating ultra quiet resonators along with v-band clamps and 4.5” polished tips allowed us to build an exhaust that produces an increase in power and still retains the elegant look of the vehicle. We have designed this exhaust to be an OEM direct replacement that will not require any additional cutting or welding to install, giving the average enthusiast the ability to install it themselves.

A 2018 Infiniti Q60 Redsport was used during the research and development of this exhaust system and the dyno comparison was performed on the same day.

The tone of the exhaust increased slightly when compared to the stock exhaust and created very minimal drone in the cabin despite the larger diameter piping. The results are the following:

Peak Horsepower: 19 rwhp @ 3700 rpm

Peak Torque: 28 ft-lbs of torque @ 3700 rpm

Additional benefits to the exhaust were the following:

- Boost stayed consistent throughout the powerband

- More Aggressive tone

This is part of our VR30DDTT power package that includes our lower downpipes as well!