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SOHO Motorsports Supercharger COG Conversion Kit

Estimated Delivery: Monday, Jul 22

Questions? Ask a specialist (704) 839-0435

SOHO Motorsports is very excited to announce that the final revision of the COG conversion kit upgrade is now available!  The development of this kit was a necessity due to the discontinuation of the standard K080220 belt, and was done as a collaboration between Stillen and SOHO to bring an improved version of a tried and true kit to market.  These kits are a necessary upgrade for anyone who has a worn out rear belt, or even those who want to get the most out of their supercharger kit.  We currently have this kit on our in-house Nismo 350Z and have been able to generate over 600whp at 7800rpm on E85!

Fitment Notes:
Stillen W2A Kits
SOHO Motorsports V1A2A or V2A2A Kits
TopGunz A2A or SC kits, Vortech blower only (DOES NOT FIT ROTREX)

Pros of this kit include:

  • Power delivery is much more linear and smoother across the entire graph
  • Boost comes on stronger, faster than the serpentine system (a small percentage higher than the original smooth belt system)
  • Space is tighter with the cog tensioner and tension is critical, but the kit fits snugly and neatly into place
  • Replacement belts are available in surplus; replacement tensioner pulleys will be available in the coming months for servicing wear items

This kit fits all versions of SOHO's A2A System with no additional modifications needed.  All necessary spacers, hardware, and items needed to properly install will be included with the upgrade kit as well as a comprehensive PDF for installation. 

***New kits on order will ship out in 4-6 weeks or less.  Parts are currently in production***