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The Decision: Nissan GT-R vs 370Z

July 28, 2016 3 min read

With our new single turbo kit, the price for power on the 370Z has now dropped by a lot! Nearly a year ago we decided it was time to replace our shop car, a Nissan 350Z with a turbocharged DE motor.  This car was used mainly for research and development of our Single Turbo Kit for the VQ35DE motor, as we spent a fair amount of time at the track and street with over 40,000 test miles on our setup. SOHO-Project-Nik We knew we wanted to stick with our Nissan/Infiniti niche, and we wanted a car that could perform well at the track and on the street. With the 370Z and G37 being virtually the same car, our need was for performance not daily drive-ability, we picked the 370Z. However, while doing our research we noticed how much used GT-Rs had dropped in price, down to 50K-60K for a higher mileage 2009-2010.  Unfortunately for us, these years are known to be plagued with possible transmission issues and getting a newer car pushed us out of our budget. This created a choice GT-R VS 370Z and a lot of factors to consider, here are a few for a stock comparison. GT-R vs 370z Of course our plans did not have any room for leaving these cars stock.  Let's start with the GT-R. One of the most common packages that GT-R customers will start with is the Alpha 6 package from AMS performance which would include resonated mid-pipes, downpipes,exhaust system, air filters and a COBB tune. AMS_Alpha6_1 This package can provide up to 120 horsepower over stock bringing the overall power up to 625 and very close to the limitation of the stock transmission when it comes to torque around 650. Alpha6Dyno The total investment when it comes to these modifications not including labor is going to start around $8000, by the time that labor and taxes are included you are easily looking close to $10,000. With the AWD and the automatic transmission, this makes the GTR quick, but is it too quick for a twin turbo nissan 370Z? 13235430_1346831642010671_154211104126491694_o The twin turbo kit that we have chosen to use in this comparison is going to be the Fast Intentions kit which has allowed many Nissan 370Z owners to make great power on their stock motors along with their true dual exhaust system. 13055021_10208222501973630_8021239004293706064_o With horsepower values reaching 610 to 620 rwhp and 500 ft-lbs of torque reliably, that is an astonishing 340 hp gain over stock! SOHOboost370z The total investment when it comes to the twin turbo kit including supporting modifications such as clutch, gauges, differential bushings, etc is around $25,000. With a majority of the vehicles that have this system being manual, and a few having the automatic transmission, this is where the GT-R has an advantage. So at this point you have probably figured out what we picked.  But let's talk about why it may or may not be the right choice for everyone. The GT-R has a big advantage with it's AWD, automatic transmission, excellent aftermarket support and overall wow factor to the general public.  However, it also has a larger price tag, more weight to overcome and it seems nearly everything cost more.  With buying a GT-R, the alpha 6 package and a few other small things we were quickly approaching 65K-70K dollars, which pushed up out of our budget at that time, as we have future plans of purchasing one soon. The 370Z as far as anyone needs to be concern is a tame street car, with a large variety of parts and relatively inexpensive maintenance items.  You could drive this in it's current form for many years, before converting it into a GT-R hunting beast.  It does lack the GT-R AWD and automatic transmission, but we think it makes up with a driver mod and some boost.  We were able to build our 370Z, including kit and labor for around 50K, a savings over 20K compared to the GT-R. If we can be of any assistance in helping with your decisions or aftermarket needs for either the 370Z or GT-R please contact us at info@sohomotorsports.com or 704-839-0435!

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