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February 22, 2016 1 min read

With many years of tuning experience with Uprev, we recently became a dealer/ tuner of the ecutek software and we wanted to create a thread where we would show all the vehicles that we tune with supporting modifications via Ecutek. 20160222_183355_resized There are a few additional features over Uprev that allow the end user to take full advantage of their vehicle's power and handling which include the following: - True launch control - Traction Control - Ability to hijack oil temp gauge to display certain parameter - Increased throttle response - Speed Density Tuning (forced induction vehicles) - No Lift Shift (syncro-rev vehicles) - Per Gear Rev Limits - Valet Mode - Knock Warning - Fail Safe Engine Protection 20160222_183413_resized *Please contact us if you are in the southeastern region of the United States and are looking to have your vehicle tuned with Ecutek.* All of the results from the vehicles that we will be tuning via ecutek can be found at the following link: http://www.the370z.com/tuning/109482-soho-motorsports-ecutek-tuning.html

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