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SOHO Motorsports Nissan 370Z Single Exit Catback Exhaust

August 06, 2014 1 min read

There are very few companies in the industry today that build a single exit catback exhaust for the Nissan 370Z platform and with the success of our 350Z/ G35 single exit catback exhaust system we decided to build a single exit catback for the Nisan 370Z.  The SOHO Motorsports single exit catback exhaust system is constructed from 3" diameter T304 18 gauge stainless steel piping providing a 55 percent decrease in weight over the stock exhaust.  As you can see in the pictures below we have taken extra steps to ensure that the fitment and clearance of the exhaust was not going to create any issues for the end user. 370Zdisplay 20140729_143214_wm   20140729_143229_wm   20140729_143243_wmOnce the final design of the SOHO Motorsports single exit exhaust was completed, UpRev Osiris was used to adjust the air/ fuel ratio parameters and determine the horsepower/ torque gains.  After a few Dynojet dynamometer pulls and adjustments, we acheived an 8.03 hp/ 10.73 ft-lb of torque increase over the stock exhaust system as you can see below! 370Z Dyno Graph *The vehicle that was used for the prototype still had the stock OEM intakes, catalytic converters and y-pipe, the only thing that was changed was the muffler section of the exhaust after the y-pipe.* Here is a sound clip of the exhaust on the vehicle: SOHO Motorsports Single Exit Catback Exhaust System Video Clip  We are no offering this exhaust system to the public at $699.99 plus shipping to your location, contact us today to place an order for your SOHO Motorsports single exit catback system for your Nissan 370Z!

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