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#44 Time Attack G35 Ready to Race!

April 26, 2013 2 min read

541589_466314806771496_2102988291_n The SOHO Motorsports #44 Time Attack Infiniti G35 race car is finally finished with its extensive offseason rebuild / makeover. In the past few months, as logged in our driver Kevin Parlett's blog, we tore down and rebuilt nearly every aspect of the #44 G35. We started by changing the oem fiberglass front clip to a NASCAR style tube setup welded into the roll caged thanks to Bingz Customz. The new setup makes the car much more responsive and stronger with bumper and splitter bars, built in mesh grille, radiator mount, brake ducts and carbon kevlar splitter. Along with the new front clip Bingz also added new aerodynamic wide front fenders, canards, rear diffuser and a Butler racing aluminum NASCAR seat. With these new additions to the chassis the #44 G35 is more responsive and better handling than ever. 734052_455900157812961_1688985019_n With the chassis ready our attention turned to the G35's power plant. With many hard track days, dyno pulls and all sorts of abuse we decided to tear down the VQ35DE Rev Up we built in 2011 just to look things over and upgrade a few components. We tore down the engine and had the internals measured and tested thanks to our buddies at Joe Gibbs Racing. The results were that the block, rods and pistons were perfectly fine but a very, very tiny twist in the crankshaft was found and therfore replaced with a new one. While the VQ was open we added brand new 272° camshafts and springs thanks to our sponsor Jim Wolf Technology. And to complete the engine build BC Brian Crower supplied us with +1mm larger valves and guides to make for the perfect boosted VQ engine. 547574_466314723438171_151402777_n Along with the freshly built VQ35DE Rev-Up the old turbo system was replaced with our brand new SOHO Motorsports Single Turbo kit featuring a brand new GTX3582R turbo from our sponsor Turbo By Garrett. This is the exact same turbo kit used in our street application for sale to the public so we know it works well on track and off! Controlling the new engine and turbo system is a Haltech Platinum Pro stand alone ecu and a TurboSmart eboost2 boost controller. Helping transfer the boosted VQ's 550hp and 550tq at 12 psi from the crank to the drivetrain is a brand new prototype Competition Clutch M2 Twin Carbon Kevlar Disc Clutch connected to a fresh Nissan MY009 transmission. Be on the lookout for a full review on this clutch soon. Lastly but certainly not least Hankook Tire supplied us with their Ventus TD tires for the season making for a perfect Global Time Attack Limited Class tire with a barely legal treadwear of 80. With nearly every single aspect of the car upgraded or addressed we are ready to take to the 2013 Time Attack series by storm! Check back soon for more updates, read the driver's blog or come see us at Road Atlanta for Round 1 of Global Time Attack on May 10-11th alongside Formula Drift. 431894_469071499829160_54666575_n

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