1000+ HP VQ35DE & A Half Mile World Record

Many people have been following David since he first started his build with his 2004 Infiniti G35 a few years ago that started with a built motor and our stage two single turbo kit.  At the beginning of the build, the goal was 600 hp and then 700 hp and then...well you get the idea until the head studs finally decided to give way at 850 wheel after almost 10,000 miles!  Fast forward to the middle of last year, when David decided that this time he was going to build one of the top horsepower VQ35DEs in the Nissan/ Infiniti community aiming for a minimum of 1000 HP at the crank and a final goal of 1200 wheel horsepower.  We knew that this was not going to be an easy task and to be able to achieve David's goals we had to develop a plan with a strict timeline to ensure that the premier of this build would be at the Wannagofast event in Ocala florida, January 2017. We had six months to order all the necessary components, perform all the machine work, build the engine and tune it prior to the event in Florida.  To be able to handle the power that we were aiming for and the cylinder pressures we had to provide a solid foundation, so we decided to go with a closed deck block. *Picture taken prior to machining* In the first build, David chose to go with the Brian Crower stroker kit and had increased the displacement to a 4.0L, this time around we were going to increase the bore 0.5 mm over the stock bore size, making it a 3.7L and also increase the compression ratio.  A 9:0 compression ratio was chosen along with King bearings and ARP custom age 625+ head studs to ensure this time that we had plenty of clamping force. The stock main girdle was upgraded to the Dynosty billet main girdle to ensure that everything on the bottom end was going to be reinforced. With the bottom end assembled, it was time to install the completely redone heads which include our stage two porting (capable of 1500 hp), Ferrera +1 mm  oversized valves, valve guides, valve seals, and dual valve spring and retainer set. Once the heads were installed onto the cometic head gaskets and torqued to the block using our special torque sequence it was time to assemble the new timing components and get the engine ready to be put back into the vehicle.   With the engine now installed into the vehicle and onto the SOHO Motorsports engine mounts, it was now time to install the remainder of the turbo kit including our ported lower intake manifold.   To provide enough fuel to make the power that David was aiming for we had to go with Injector Dynamic 2000 cc injectors and the CJM twin pump assembly with two 255 walboro fuel pumps.  We knew that the fuel pumps were capable of providing enough fuel for up to 1000 HP at the crank but we were not sure if we would be able to squeeze a little more out of them, once the vehicle got onto the dyno we would find out that they were not going to be able to provide more than 1000 HP. It was time to hit the dyno for a few break in miles and then low boost pulls! To ensure we would be able to have different levels of power, we decided to start with wastegate pressure which was 18 psi and the next step would be 21 psi and we would increase boost by 3 to 4 psi until we were able to hit our target horsepower goal.  Great numbers were put down on 18 psi and 21 psi, anything more than that and we were running out of fuel pump.  With the event only a couple of days away we decided to have these two settings and then we would determine a solution for the fueling to support more power after the event. January 21, 2017 WannaGoFast Ocala, FL The first run would be our very first shakedown pass with the new setup and with it being quite sometime since David was behind the wheel, we decided to stick with wastegate power and let him get a feel for the car.  David's speeds were the following: 166.79 mph, 170.196 mph, 172.546 mph, 167.66 mph and 165.44 mph. The record setting pass was completed on the third outing on low boost! During the second pass, we had an unfortunate incident where the nipple from a brand new thermostat has seared right off of the housing, luckily the Haltech was able to shut the engine down once the coolant temperatures started to rise above 220 degrees (this is why standalone systems are worth the investment).  *In the picture above you can see the coolant and dirt mix* With the record broken on the third run, David was confident that he could better his speed on low boost and decided to go back out, during his fourth pass he missed fourth gear and was still able to put down a 167 mph!  That was going to be the best outing for David and it was getting late in the afternoon and the track surface was getting slick, nobody was able to get the traction that they wanted, so we decided to stop there and focus on the next half mile event in May.  Be sure to follow the remainder of the build on our social media accounts and contact us if you are interested in a build similar to Davids for your nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35. Engine Build Specs: SOHO Motorsports Stage 3 Longblock Closed Deck VQ35DE Block Brian Crower Stroker Kit (96 mm CP pistons *9:0 CR*, Carillo Connecting Rods, Brian Crower Connecting Rod Fasteners / Bolts ARP 625+ Custom Age) ARP Main Studs ARP Custom Age 625+ CA625 Head Stud King Main & Rod Bearings King Thrust Washers Cometic Head Gaskets Ferrera +1mm oversized intake/ exhaust valves Ferrera Dual valve spring & retainer kit Ferrera intake/exhaust valve seals Ferrera Bronze +.001 intake/exhaust valve guides SOHO Motorsports stage two headwork Tomei 280 Duration Camshafts Dynosty Billet Main Girdle Rev-Up oil pump OEM water pump Timing chain, guides & tensioners        

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