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January 13, 2014 2 min read

Over the last few months we have received a lot of interest from customers in that they were curious to see what the differences were between the Garret GTX3582R turbo, which is currently supplied in our turbo kit, and the Garret GT3582R turbo.  At SOHO Motorsports we are always researching different products and combinations of products to inform our customers, and this past weekend we were able to perform a test between the two different turbochargers on our turbo kit.  In this test we tried to keep all of the variables the same to provide an accurate comparison and the only adjustment that we had to make was the air fuel ratios so that they were the same for both of the runs with each turbo setup.  In the graph below you can see that the red line shows the run with the GT3582R turbo and the blue line shows the run with the GTX3582R turbo. Garret GT3582R vs Garret GTX3582R In the graph above, between 3000 to 3500 rpm, there is a 13.62 percent difference in horsepower and torque that was calculated.  Due to the greater efficiency of the GTX3582R turbo, the increase in power can be seen as soon as boost starts to come in and eventually starts to taper off throughout the power band.  The overall increase in power throughout the power band was 2.48 percent until the maximum rpm was reached between the two turbo combinations.  With the current layout of the piping of our turbo kit, both turbo combinations were able to reach maximum boost (5 psi) at the same time, which was around 3350 rpms.  A comparison between the two turbo combinations and a non turbo stock VQ35DE nonrev-up can be seen in the graph below, where the green line represent a stock VQ35DE. Garret GT3582R vs GTX3582R vs Stock VQ35DE The graph above will allow you to understand the gains that can be seen when a VQ35DE and forced induction combine.  When comparing the turbo combination with the GT3582R and a naturally aspirated VQ35DE, there is a 32.31% increase in horsepower and a 39.38% increase in torque that occurs.  The GTX3582R turbo combination creates a 34.06% increase in horsepower and a 40.90% increase in torque at a boost pressure of only 5 psi!  As boost pressures increase, the difference in power between the two turbo setups will be exponential as the GTX will be in a higher efficiency range in the compressor map, which will allow for more power to be made at the same boost level.  In conclusion, customers that are planning to build their motor and run more than 6 to 8 psi of boost, we would recommend selecting the GTX3582R turbo, while the customers that are planning on using the turbo kit on a stock VQ35DE at a low boost pressure to select the GT3582R turbo.  The benefit for the customer who will be using the stock motor and the GT3582R turbo is that they will be able to save $500 off of the total price of either SOHO Motorsports turbo kit package!  Please visit our online store for the updated pricing on the single turbo kit with the GT3582R turbo and visit the SOHO Motorsports turbo section for more information about our single turbo kit or contact us today if you have any questions.

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