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July 28, 2015 2 min read

Towards the middle of June, Thomas brought his bone stock 2003 nissn 350Z in to have our single turbo kit, motordyne plenum spacer, transgo shift kit and our single exit exhaust installed.  With this being his first turbo vehicle, we knew that he was going to fall in love as soon as he pressed the throttle all the way for the first time.  We took a few photos of the install and the dyno session as well, as this vehicle made great power on only 9 psi! 20150629_111524_wm   Utilizing a majority of the same components from the manual turbo kit with except to the crossover pipe, we proceeded by first having the transgo shift kit installed to allow for firmer shifts with the additional power. 20150619_085329_wm_zpsolqgf2ab   Once the shift kit was installed, we proceeded to install the Deatschwerk 600 cc injectors, Deatschwerk 265 fuel pump along with the motordyne 5/16" plenum spacer and our catch can. 20150629_111558_wm   20150630_170838_wm   With all of the fuel components installed, we moved towards removing the catalytic converters and exhaust for the hot side piping to be installed. 20150630_110145_wm 20150628_133529_wm_zps9bigulta 20150628_133558_wm_zpsawo9emrw With the limited amount of room that we have with the automatic transmission, we are required to run an open to atmopshere for the wastegate (unlike the manual transmission where we recirculate it back into the exhaust system). With the hot side components installed and the turbo mounted, we proceeded to install the cold side piping and the intercooler. 20150629_124451_wm_zpsvgxodcwl 20150630_190923_wm 20150630_190935_wm 20150630_202903_wm_zpsm1smk8nj 20150630_202913_wm_zpszdu1bfzt Even with the turbo kit installed, we still are able to retain all of the factory reservoirs and the factory nissan intake plenum cover. 20150701_184929_wm_zps6jjatzwi Here is another view of the catch can mounted with the intake on the vehicle. 20150630_171227_wm With the turbo kit installed, it was time to hit the dyno and see what kind of power this kit would make via Osiris Uprev as the engine management used for tuning. 20150701_185022_wm_zpsqqjkere9   20150701_185053_wm_zpsmjyhr9ja After a few hours of ecu calibration and adjustments, the final numbers were 385 hp and 346 ft-lbs of torque on 93 pump gas! 20150701_190125_wm_zpsbwidcbjp Dyno run video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF_CddTNNfk