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March 02, 2017 3 min read

We are coming up on eight years since the Nissan 370Z was introduced in 2009, and we have seen some changes ranging from the body lines to the interior but one thing is for sure - adding forced induction to these vehicles really makes them fun to drive!  In the month of February we had two forced induction 370Zs that arrived to us with the same issue, incorrect wastegate actuators.  We had come across this issue prior but did not think that it would be such a common issue. One vehicle had high boost actuators installed with the kit which have a minimum psi around 17 and the other had the medium boost actuators installed with a minimum psi around 12.  The chart below shows the breakdown of the range for the wastegate actuators and since these are internally gated it is very difficult to replace them without removing the engine to gain access to them. With both of these vehicle still retaining the stock engine, running at these boost pressures on pump gas could have lead to premature failure or even worse catastrophic failure, which is why the low boost actuators should have been installed. Luckily, Ecutek has the luxury of custom maps which would allow us to limit the amount of the boost both vehicles would see based off of manifold pressure and throttle. 2009 Nissan 370Z (First Vehicle): The first vehicle came to us with 600cc injectors, 255lph fuel pump and the stock fuel return system. It was only a matter of time before something catastrophic were to happen especially since the vehicle would hit 17 psi and cut off while the customer was driving. Once we were able to determine that the vehicle had the incorrect fueling components, we advised the customer that it would need the CJM fuel return system installed along with 1000cc injectors and a 340lph fuel pump. With the new fuel components installed, it was time to place the vehicle on the dyno and tune via Ecutek. After a few hours we were able to successfully minimize the boost to the 10 psi range that the customer had requested initially. 2012 Nissan 370Z (Vehicle 2): The second vehicle was an automatic Nissan 370Z that had recently installed a Level 10 transmission after exceeding the stock limitations of the automatic transmission.  Facing the same issue as the previous vehicle and not having a transmission cooler, we installed the Stillen transmission cooler kit and tuned via Ecutek. With the additional stress of the twin turbo system, transmission temperatures will increase quickly and if not monitored could lead to premature failure. Utilizing the same techniques to achieve the desired power level as the previous vehicle we were able to hit the target boost level the customer wanted. The goal of this post is to inform everyone about an issue that seems to becoming more and more common. If we can prevent an incident from happening at another shop or to another individual then this blog post will have done its job. This is not a bash against anyone - it is just a subject that we feel needs to have some light shined upon. Contact us today for any of your Nissan/ Infiniti services and stay tuned for our next weekly blog post!