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May 26, 2016 2 min read

Back in October of 2015, we purchased a 2014 nissan 370Z with around 10,000 miles on the odometer, not long after we purchased the vehicle we started the modification process.  We contacted tony at fast intentions and ordered their true dual catback exhaust system and resonated test pipes along with a set of K&N drop in filters.  With the newest modifications, we needed a software that would allow us to gain the maximum horsepower out of our newest addition, so we became an ecutek dealer. 20151016_194836 20160429_174122_resized Great power was made with these modifications and thus the road course was the next stop for us and NASA southeast was having an event at CMP. 24446695914_23e54dcb37_k nissan 370z nismo With zdayz approaching and us wanting to push this vehicle to the next level, we decided to contact Tony once again at Fast Intentions.  After a few minutes of talking with tony, we decided we were going to attempt to break the stock block record and also the 1/4 mile record with their stage two twin turbo kit.  The order was placed and we patiently waited 10 weeks for the turbo kit to arrive along with all of the supporting modifications that are going to be needed to reach this goal.  We were taking a different approach to this as most of the high horsepower 370Zs were achieving these goals with E85, we were going to attempt and reach these numbers with pump 93 gas and water methanol, which was uncharted territory for this platform.   20160408_123011_resized 20160421_192026_resized   Specialty Z Stage Five Clutch Kit (725 rwhp capable): 20160422_124725_resized With the additional heat and stress that the motor was going to see, we decided to upgrade the radiator, thermostat and radiator hoses with mishimoto products. 20160425_160329 13063473_10208222506893753_5820155282954484515_o 13041115_10208222507573770_7324800765458502772_o 13063356_10208222386330739_2917798890048492611_o 13055021_10208222501973630_8021239004293706064_o 20160422_134014_resized We decided to go with the Fast Intentions Fast 500 Fuel Return System, which includes the Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump and 1000cc Bosch style injectors.  Since we were going to be using the Aquamist Water Methanol Kit with the 1.2 nozzle jets we would have another 200 cc of additional fuel! 20160426_141143 20160426_161602 Fast Intentions Oil Cooler Kit: 20160427_080119_resized_1 Aquamist Water Methanol Kit (Mounted in the trunk where the spare tire would normally go) 20160430_181123_resized 20160430_183618_resized 20160430_183542_resized Alignment prior to arriving on the dyno: 20160506_092446_resized 20160505_135206_resized We installed a four point roll cage and the sparco pro2000 seats with a set of Schroth Racing seat belts for additional safety! 20160510_192951 Turbosmart Eboost 2 Controller & Water Methanol Gauge: 20160511_153805 Next up was the dyno, we were looking for a day that would not be to hot, but in the south around April those days are very difficult to find... 20160509_101632_resized 20160509_094437_resized These are three street boost settings that we ended with: 8 psi map, 10 psi map and 12 psi, ranging from 500 rwhp to 630 rwhp! 20160509_090543_resized   Here is the highest horsepower Nissan 370z on pump 93 gas dyno graph! 93methrecordsmooth   We were shooting for 700 rwhp but the weather was not wanting to cooperate and we ended up falling short, not to worry though as we will attempt again later in the year to break into the 700 horsepower club.  If you are interested in a package similar to this build or any twin turbo package please give us a call or contact us by email at info@sohomotorsports.com