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February 22, 2016 2 min read

Chris brought us his 2013 nissan 370Z nismo for an AAM twin turbo kit, DW 1000cc injectors, DW 340lph fuel pump, CJM fuel return system, competition clutch twin disk set, fast intentions 2.5" catback exhaust & oil cooler, SPL solid rear differential bushings, innovate wideband and AEM truboost gauge aiming for 600 rwhp on 93 pump gas. 20151030_182140 This Z had a few modifications done to it prior to arriving, such as 4.08 rear gears, stillen gen 2 intakes, HFCs, and a Borla catback exhaust. 20151030_183809 The first thing that we did was replace the 4.08 rear gears with the stock rear gears because the car would not be driveable with boost. Once the differential was removed, we replaced the stock differential bushings with SPL solid bushings to help with the additional power as this is a common piece to fail with additional power. 20151029_173519 20151029_173624 Once the differential was installed, we removed the engine assembly to start the twin turbo kit install. 20151103_103618 20151110_091927 With the turbos mounted and clutch install, the engine assembly was reinstalled and we focused our attention to the remainder of the turbo kit such as the fuel pump, injectors, gauges, etc. 20150711_163722_wm_zpstrsycyht 20160105_163251_resized_2 20160105_183727_resized_1 IMG_20150718_181214The final component that we had to install before we headed to the dyno was the fast intentions exhaust, which is one of the best exhaust systems for this platform in regards to looks and horsepower.  We were now ready to hit the dyno, after a few hours of tuning via UpRev and dialing in the AEM tru boost controller, we were able to reach Chris' horsepower goal of 600 rwhp. 20160106_200536_resized_1 20160106_200632_resized_2 Contact us today for your twin turbo install or any services that you may need on your nissan 370Z or Infiniti G37!