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AP-Racing Radi-CAL By Stillen BBK Now Available!

March 03, 2014 2 min read

For many years, AP Racing has provided brake systems for a majority of world class motorsports applications, and with their success on the track they have decided to bring that technology towards the street cars.  AP Racing and Stillen have come together to build one of the newest and most effective big brake kits in the industry to date.  Their engineers have built a big brake kit that offers a 20 percent lighter and stronger caliper than any other big brake kit available with a pressure forged aluminum process and internal seals rated for supercars like the Bugatti veryon. Why Radi_CAL1 The engineering behind the rotor structure and use of the "J-Hook" has allowed for reduction in un-sprung mass and also aid in thermal efficiency.  The "J-Hook" design allows the rotor to vent and also help in initial bite between the brake pad and the rotor as the leading edge of the J-hook will allow the driver to get a better feedback once the brakes are applied.  The two piece floating rotor design allows the rotor to expand and contract under thermal stress and allow the rotor to remain centered, thus reducing brake pad knock back. radi-cal_brake_tech-jhook_2 For the weekend racers, AP engineers have thought about the time between sessions that people have while at the track and the additional time it takes to replace brake pads on other big brake kits.  AP Racing has incorporated a removable "H-support" on top of the caliper to make changing brake pads a breeze as seen below. Why-Radi-CAL3 These brake kits are now available for the following manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Infiniti, Jeep, and Nissan.  Contact us today for pricing on this big brake kit for your vehicle and we promise you that you will not be dissappointed! APRadiCALApplicationsHeaderImage

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