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SOHO Motorsports Air-to-Air Upgrade for Stillen Supercharger

We have released the Second Version of this kit, to make install a bit easier and to circumvent some of the supply chain issues with the full kits. The Version 1 full kits have been discontinued for all models and this page is left up for historical purposes only. 

Version 2 Kit: https://sohomotorsports.com/products/soho-motorsports-v2-a2a-supercharger-kit


One of the most popular Forced Induction kits for the Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37 is the Stillen Supercharger kit featuring the Vortech V-3 Supercharger.  With it's ease of install, affordability, available warranty and being California CARB/SMOG complaint, there are plenty of reasons why people select this kit. 

Over the years we have seen a lot of these kits, for upgrades, tunes, and maintenance. Really we only hear one complaint, it needs to make more Wheel Horsepower.  Different pulleys, fueling, impeller and even swapping out the Vortech unit for larger supercharger, all get the job done.  However, with all the options one stands out as the best dollar per horsepower upgrade.

SOHO Motorsports Air to Air (A2A) Upgrade:

Our Air to Air upgrade, replaces the Water to Air intercooler and piping.  We build these specific to your vehicle to ensure fitment and maximum efficiency of our intercoolers.  Since building our first turbo kit for 350Z in 2012, we have continued to improve and use our knowledge to out perform our competitors.  Our intercoolers offer large high quality cores, in house fabricated end tanks and brackets, and superior fitment over the competition. 

Infiniti G37 Supercharged A2A

With the improved air flow, and consistently lower intake temperatures you are able to increase fuel, timing and boost to regenerate more horsepower.  In many cases ourselves, and other tuners/shops have seen over 550 whp on 93 and and over 600 whp on E85.  

Nissan 370Z Stillen Supercharged Air to Air

Currently the highest WHP we have seen on this kit is 667 WHP with E70 fueling. We run a slightly modified version of this kit on a 926 whp Built motor with a Votech V7 supercharger unit. 

Full Air to Air kits:

Full Kit Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37

Full Kit Infiniti Q50

Full Kit Infiniti 350Z 

Upgrade Only:

Intercooler and Piping only Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37

Intercooler and Piping only Infiniti Q50

Intercooler and Piping only Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35

Things to note before purchasing:

What's the difference(s) between buying the Stillen Supercharger kit and then purchasing the upgrade versus buying the SOHO Kit from the beginning? 

The SOHO kit will come with the SI trim Vortech V3 blower where as the Stillen kit will come with the SCI trim Vortech V3 blower. We offer 1050 injector dynamics injectors and a 340lph fuel pump for the additional fueling. Where the stillen kit offers 600cc injectors and a 255 fuel pump which will need to be upgraded when upgrading to the Air to Air setup.

Now for some of the cons with this kit.  The biggest con for some people is the intercooler bolts to what would be the factory crash bar location, and due the size of the intercooler there is no real way to make it fit.  We do offer a "bash bar" as upgrade to provide some increased protection in this area. 

You'll find that as you increase the air flow with this kit you will need more fuel than the stock Stillen kit comes with.  We do inform customers you will need to upgrade both your injectors and fuel pump to meet the fueling demands of this kit. Depending on your boost level, we also recommend that you look into adding a fuel return system to your car for safety and reliability. We do offer the injector and fuel pump we recommend as an upgrade to your kit, or you can purchase these are even larger one on your own or through your installer. If you have questions or would like to purchase different options with your upgrade or kit feel free to contact us. 

If you are in California this upgrade has not been tested by CARB, and there are currently no plans to do so.  Like all our products, this is sold for Off-Road use only and we can not comment on how this may affect SMOG/Inspections in your state.  Simply put we do have smog stations in North Carolina, and it wouldn't be cost effective at this time to attempt this certification. 

Results and dyno graphs:

Car: Infiniti G37 7AT

Stillen Supercharger vs SOHO A2A

Red Line: Stillen Supercharger Kit with the 9 PSI Pully and Stock Catalytic Converter and K&N Air Filter on 93 octane

Blue Line: SOHO Air to Air Upgrade on Stillen Supercharger Kit with the same 9 PSI pully, Z1 Hgh Flow Catalytic Converter and K&N Air Filter 93 octane

Auto G37 Stillen A2A Supercharged

Car: Nissan 370Z 6MT

600 whp stillen supercharged 370z vq37vhr

Our Complete Air to Air kit, with custom built test pipes and exhaust, with TurboGuard Filter on 93 Ocatane.

Car: Nissan 370Z 6MT

SOHO Motorsports Stillen Air to Air (A2A) Supercharger Kit on E85 (E60) and 93

Red: 93

Green: E60 via flex fuel sensor

Car had a Tomei y-pipe and single exit. Features the SCI trim blower from the Stillen Kit with our upgrade.

Media and Information: 

We take great pride in the product we put out, and we find it no higher honor than our Air to Air upgrade is recommended by many shops and can be found on some of the top tuners in community personal cars.  

Monchef at Admin Tuning made 612 whp and 456 lbs of torque on his 7 speed automatic daily driver.  Jon at Z1 Motorsports is currently in the process of installing our air to air and Stillen Supercharger kit on his daily driver 370Z. 

Aaron Labeau also is featuring our air to air kit on his G37 sedan over at MotoIq

Supercharged 370Z racecar

And we continue to be a top choice for enthusiast all over the country and the world.  With clients using it for road course racing in Brazil, 1/2th, 1/4th and 1/8th mile, and even just show cars looking to clean up their engine bay for meets/shows. 

Product Pages:

Full Air to Air kits:

Full Kit Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37

Full Kit Infiniti Q50

Upgrade Only:

Intercooler and Piping only Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37

Intercooler and Piping only Infiniti Q50

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

We love to talk about these cars and our kit.  If you have any thing you would like to know more please reach to us.  You can email us at info@sohomotorsports.com or feel free to give us a call (704) 839-0435 Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5:30 PM EST. Based on the amount of social media messages we get daily these can get missed from time to time, for best results please email or call us.

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